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Customized website

For your digital project, let’s create together a design and unique website like the Psychologie Enfant website, which will be adapted to your needs: according to the type of activity, the usefulness and interactions of the page, the targeted clientele, the need to open an account, the support by e-mailing …

Showcase site

Showcase site, what's in it for you?

Simple digital business formula for the presentation of an online company, its products and services.

The e commerce site

The e-commerce site, more sales!

You want to attract more customers and boost your traffic? Opt for a merchant site or an online store.


a portfolio?

The portfolio is used to store all your skills through the work you have recently completed.



A mobile app is a connected device allowing interaction between the site and the user.

A web portal

A web portal,
how to do it?

The portal site is a digital interface presenting a wide range of services on a single page.

The blog

The blog, publish your ideas!

The ease of use and speed make the blog better known compared to other web formulas.

Creating an attractive website: how to do it?

Tips to improve the visibility of the website

The performance of a website such as Formation Continue increases the visibility of the company online. Set up an eye-catching page, with an optimized website, attractive content and a captivating design.


Opt for responsive design

This design adjusts the ergonomics of a site to each screen size.

Offer ease of reading on all browsers and devices.

Content strategy

Maximum content with editorial finesse.

SEO: search engine optimization of your site

SEO strategy: keyword issues

The success of your digital strategy is based on SEO. This content strategy is a vital element in the structuring of your image on the web.


The relevance of keywords

Improved ranking with mobile first

Improved ranking with mobile-first

the best ally to reach customers

Google: the best ally to reach customers

The visual identity with a good graphic design

The visual identity with a good graphic design

Digital agency: our experts at your service

Entrust your projects to experts in communication, online advertising, advertising campaigns and social media campaigns.

SEO Consultants

Optimization analysis
SEO referencing
Content Strategy

Webdesign consultant

Graphic charter
Visual Identity
Logo creation

The proposed web tools and technologies

World Wide Web standards

Use of network protocol to create a web page, mobile conversion and adaptation on mobile or web application.

Digital strategy

Digital marketing or web communication ?

Both terminologies belong to the web strategy. On the whole, they are used to set up an online communication plan. However, they each have their own objective. The term digital marketing is mainly used to describe business strategies aimed at attracting customers. It is mainly about advertising. On the one hand, web communication is limited to acquiring visibility. It only seeks to inform the public with, most often, a goal to influence or convince.


The community management

The goal of community management is to ensure the presence of a company online. It works through animation and campaign strategy on social networks. The objective is to create a maximum of traffic.

Marketing trends for your digital marketing in 2020

Marketing base sur les donnees

Data-driven marketing

Create an advertising campaign based on your customers’ own information.

Marketing d influence

Influence marketing

It is a digital strategy by affiliation with an influencer.

Marketing vocal

Voice marketing

Voice marketing is research based on speech recognition.